Please see below a list of questions people are frequently asking and some answers. We will be regularly updating these.

Q. If the husband has received a link but the wife hasn’t (Both over 80) can he book hers on the link for them both?

A. Yes, so long as over 80.

Q. Why can’t I get the vaccine earlier, I am a carer for my husband, family member etc?

A. We are strictly following the JCVI cohorts and are not allowed to deviate.

Q. I am over 80 why haven’t I been contacted?

A. The number of over 80s in Darlington is almost 5000. We are working through this list as quickly as vaccine supply allows.

Q. Are people contacted in alphabetical order?

A. No, so far we have been working on the highest risk first-based on age and comorbidities.

Q. Can I attend the appointment with someone if I'm caring for them?

A. If a person requires assistance then a carer can attend with them, however we need to maintain social distancing and so we may ask people to wait if needed.

Q. Can I choose which vaccine I get?

A. No – will be based on vaccine supply on day of appointment. We are unable to request which vaccine is delivered.  Both vaccines in use are safe and effective.

Q. My relative is down as housebound, will the nurses come out?

A. If the surgery has them officially as housebound they will be contacted as soon as we are able offer home visit appts. If you are telephoned to be offered an appt and identified as houseband on the call, you will be added to the list for home visits.

Q. Are people being invited to the mass vaccinaction centre in Newcastle?

A. Yes, although they do not have to attend and the central team for Darlington will be in touch to arrange the appointment locally.

Q. What if I’m shielding?

A. Over 80s at more risk of dying than shielding patients. Social distancing, mask wearing place. We are confident that the vaccination centre is as safe as it possibly can be. 

Q. What if I am missed out, who should I contact?

A. Only contact us if we have moved to next cohort, otherwise please be patient and we will be in contact. 

Q. Can I have the 2nd pfizer dose sooner than 12 weeks as originally planned?

A. No – we will continue to follow government guidelines for timings of second dose.

Q. With it being 12 weeks to next vaccination, is an appointment automatically arranged?

A. No as we do not know when these vaccines will be delivered. Patients will be contacted by phone or text message when they are due their 2nd

Q. If I cancel my appointment, how do I get another one?

A. You will be added back to the list and contacted when vaccine is available.

Q. If I go to Newcastle for my vaccine can I have the second dose in Darlington?

A. Unfortunately not, everyone must get the second dose from the same place as the first.

Q. Now I've had the vaccine, am I ok to meet up with family members and hug?

A. No, you MUST continue to follow the Government guidelines until further announcements on restrictions easing is announced.