Please find below a further update on the vaccination rollout in Darlington:

  • So far we have delivered our first full batch of Pfizer vaccine, 1170 doses and we have utilised 430 doses of Astra zenica in care homes;
  • Care homes are now complete and extra care facilities will be completed on Saturday 16th Jan; (Evidence suggests for every 20 vaccines given in a care home a life is saved – that’s 50 lives saved in Darlington!);
  • We are starting visits for the housebound, working with the district nurses on Tuesday 19th January.  We are identifying those in need of a visit from GP records and via the phone calls we are making, there is no need to contact your surgery to ask for a visit;
  • Our 2nd batch of 1170 doses of Pfizer will be completed tomorrow;
  • Next week we are getting both vaccines in TWO deliveries totalling approximately 4000 doses.  This will be administered over 8 days.  We will not be able to offer choice of vaccine.

Appointments are available to anyone over 80 via and we add appointments as we get notified of deliveries, if there are no appointments available, please keep checking as more will be added when vaccine is provided to us. We will also be phoning those over 80 who do not have access to online booking AND we have reserved some appointments for these patients only to ensure equal access. GP practices are unable to book the vaccine appointments, or to expedite appointments, this is being handled by a central team.  Please do not call your GP practice about the vaccinations.

We are still working on Cohorts 1 and 2.  The supply of vaccine next week allows us to make much better progress with this.