People registered with a GP in Darlington who had their first Covid-19 jab at Feethams House vaccination centre should not be concerned about second dose supply. Everyone who has had their first dose at Feethams House is urged to attend the appointment for their second dose when it is offered by Primary Healthcare Darlington (PHD), which runs the site.

Dr Amanda Riley, Clinical Director of the Darlington Primary Care network and CEO of PHD, said: “It is essential that everyone who has had their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at Feethams House takes up their second dose appointment when it is offered.

“The second dose is very important as it provides better and longer lasting protection against Covid-19. Receiving only one dose does not provide you with the full effectiveness of the vaccine.

“When you’re contacted with your second dose appointment, please make every effort to attend – it’s essential to protect you and our communities from another spike in Covid-19 cases.”

The vaccination centre at Feethams House will close once it has given all remaining second doses to those who have received their first at the site. Everyone who has received their first dose of the vaccine should get their second dose at the same site where they had their first. Second dose appointments can only be added for the site when the Darlington Primary Care Network are provided with delivery dates for the vaccine supply, which is usually just one week ahead of delivery.

Dr Riley added: “We are aware some people are having difficulty with second dose appointments because of how they are made available.

“We are very sorry if this is the case, but please be assured that we are doing our very best and nobody will be missed from our lists.

“If you cannot make your second dose appointment, we will do our best to re-arrange one for as soon as possible – but we cannot guarantee that it will be within 12 weeks of your first dose.

“Please do not worry if this is the case. A later appointment is still as valuable as if it was within the 12-week time frame.”

Everyone who had their first jab at Feethams House will be contacted directly for their second appointment.

For more information on second dose appointments, contact PHD directly by emailing or calling 01325 952278, please note the team answering the phone will take your details and pass on to the team managing the second dose clinics, they may not be able to arrange you an appointment over the phone immediately.